Monday, June 13, 2011

Just a little longer

Yesterday I saw a bunch of my friends off at the airport, and they are now in In.dia! In three weeks, I will be taking off for Nep@l, In.dia, and Germany. I'll be flying out of Boston on July 4th - hoping I will see some fireworks from the air!

Between now and then, my goal is to finish the school year well. Most days my goal is just to finish, but I really am praying for strength to finish with grace. I will not be returning to my full-time teaching job next year. Instead, I'll be teaching more private students and pursuing the kind of performance opportunities I have had to turn down this year. I am really excited for this change! If you're interested in knowing more about some tentative plans I have for the Fall, shoot me an email, and I'd be happy to share.

I am trying to keep this blog as private as possible, because I want to keep my close friends and family in the loop as far as my whereabouts, daily activities, and the people I meet while I'm traveling. So far, my trip is completely paid for, tickets purchased, immunizations complete, German lessons under way, prayers going up daily. Check, check, check. Thank you for your support, financially and prayerfully. You are all wonderful.

Liebe Greusse (Kind Regards), and stay tuned  ;-)


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