Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Comedic Timing

The sweetest words a friend could text to me -- "I have food for you. Are you coming home?" Yay! I was only minutes away from our driveway. I came in the house to a wonderful aroma - rice and chicken with a creamy white wine sauce and a zuccini dish browning in the oven. It was a perfect welcome home.

I bought an apple pie several days ago, along with its most wonderful compliment - vanilla ice cream - and it has been waiting in the freezer for an opportune evening of fellowship and indulgence. Could tonight be the night? As we finished our dinner and our conversation about the Celebration of Discipline (Richard Foster), C remembered the pie, and our hearts leapt with hope and anticipation.
"We could put it in now!" she exclaimed, hurrying to the freezer.
"How long does it take to bake?" I asked with a hint of skepticism.

One hour.

Too long to bake and eat before our Navigate appointment. Woe to us! I said, "Oh no, if only we had put the pie in as soon as I got home. Well, there is no looking back."
Without missing a beat C said, "No... we will just have to ask R to put the pie in at nine."

Hahahaha. It was so funny, I had to share. I hope you have enjoyed this little Bluejay of a moment as well. I love laughter, joy, and the peace that comes from God's goodness. We will have our pie and our celebration later tonight!  :-)

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